Aug 21 from 08:30 to 17:30
Room: 518c
Pre-congress Workshops / Atelier pre-congrès: Introductory (Basic) Workshop

Workshop Chairs:


Leora Kuttner, PhD *

Julie Linden, PhD









Jacques Desaulniers, MA

Marie Elisabeth Faymonville, MD *

Woltemade Hartman, PhD

Mathieu Landry, PhD candidate

Camillo Loriedo, MD, PhD

Don Moss, PhD

Enayatollah Shahidi, MD

Katalin Varga, PhD

Jeffrey Zeig, PhD *

* Keynote speakers


Tuesday, August 21, 2018



I.     Intro to hypnosis: Definitions, misconceptions, history, theory, assessment

L. Kuttner and J. Linden

            (Favorite place induction)

Provide a definition of hypnosis based on scientific research

Identify myths and misconceptions about hypnosis

Outline major historical events in development of clinical hypnosis

Review major theories of hypnosis


10:00-10:15              BREAK



II.   Principles of formulating suggestions: Therapeutic language

 W. Hartman and faculty

            Induction and realerting (demonstration) (Eye focus/fingers together/eye roll)

                        Identify steps in facilitating hypnotic induction

                        Describe at least 4 types of suggestions, discuss direct and indirect suggestions

                        Practice removal of suggestions and realerting/dehypnotizing

            Small group practice

Each participant will have opportunity to practice as a facilitator and as a subject


12:30-13:30              WORKING LUNCH

Ethics and professional conduct (45 min)

            K. Varga


IV. Hypnotic phenomena and their applications with demonstration (90 min)

            E. Shahidi

            Demonstrate several types of hypnotic phenomena, including trance logic.

            Exemplify suggestions for eliciting hypnotic phenomena

            (rapport, time distortion, chaisson or arm lowering, dissociation)


V.   Hypnotic ability and its measures (30 min)

            K. Varga

            Identify the most commonly used susceptibility scales

            Discuss the benefits and limitations of formal measure of hypnotic responsivity


15:30-15:45              BREAK



VI.    Stages of hypnosis, intensification and deepening with practice

            L. Kuttner

            Discuss methods for intensifying hypnotic responsivity and contextual variables

                        Demonstrate induction with deepening (elevator/TV techniques/magic glove)


            Small group practice

Each participant will have opportunity to practice as a facilitator and as a subject



Wednesday, August 22, 2018



VII.   Introducing hypnosis to clients, neurophysiology, neuroplasticity, memory, teaching self-hypnosis (45 min)

            M. Landry

                        Define self-hypnosis and be able to teach to clients

                        Be able to demonstrate introducing clinical hypnosis to a client

                        Discuss the research on hypnosis and memory

                        Discuss the current understanding of neurophysiology of hypnosis



VIII.  Composing varying types of therapeutic suggestions, demonstration (60 min)

            C. Loriedo

                        (The use of time in hypnosis/indirect techniques)

                        Identify and describe at least 6 principles of hypnotic induction and suggestion


10:15-10:30              BREAK



            All faculty

            Small group practice

Utilize at least one induction, deepening and realerting technique as a facilitator and experience same as a subject


12:30-13:30              WORKING LUNCH

IX. How to manage untoward circumstances (45 min)

            J. Linden



X.    Integrating hypnosis into psychological practice for stress reduction, ego-strengthening, and ideomotor signaling with demonstration (magic carpet perspective/mirror)

            D. Moss

                        Watch demonstration and be able to replicate



            Practice ego-strengthening and/or ideomotor signaling

            D. Moss

                        Be able to demonstrate one ego-strengthening and/or ideomotor signal                                        technique


15:30-15:45              BREAK



XI. Integrating hypnosis into practice for pain management

            J. Desaulniers

            Be able to demonstrate one hypnotic pain management approach



XII.  Treatment Planning Strategies

            All faculty

            Identify 3 areas within your practice where you can apply hypnosis




Thursday, August 23, 2018



XIII.  Hypnosis as evocative (limbic) communication *

            J. Zeig - Keynote




Friday, August 24, 2018



XIII. Hypnosis - Neurosciences:  Clinical applications *

            M.-E. Faymonville - Keynote




Saturday, August 25, 2018



XV.  Pediatric hypnosis - Treatment that adds and rarely subtracts *

            L. Kuttner - Keynote




Evaluations/certificates of completion will be given to participants in Room 519b.